Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Dear Mr Frieda…

Thank you so much for the free samples of your products which arrived in the post recently. I am not sure what I did to merit this gift – but the ‘Brilliant Brunette’ shampoo and conditioner certainly were pleasant to use. They left my hair feeling satisfyingly soft. I am not sure about bringing out my rich multi-dimensional tones and shine, though.


But please could you speak to the bright young things in your packaging design department? These two tubes are identical on the front, apart from the two words ‘conditioner’ and ‘shampoo’ – which are printed in letters just 0.125 inches high. Maybe that’s no problem for a clear-sighted, izzywizzy graphics designer, but…

A myopic middle aged woman in a steamy shower, not wearing her glasses [well, not wearing anything actually, it being the shower] finds it well nigh impossible to read the small print and distinguish the two tubes.

I very nearly smoothed before I lathered!


  1. I've done exactly the same thing with these products but didn't spot my mistake in time. It's too expensive to waste!

  2. We have too. My husband did wonder why the JF 'shampoo' wasn't lathering.....

  3. Hmmm agree - not that my glasses are much use these days, still awaiting replacement after Bings midnight feast!

  4. Our shower gel, shampoo and conditioner are all identical so they are placed in the same order on the shelf so we don't get confused.Just a different coloured square on each tube would do,but I guess it all comes down to cost.
    Jane x

  5. It is clearly not just me then. I have now emailed JF to see what the company says/ I will let you know if they respond positively.

  6. Not just you! I only use the conditioner, but I accidentally bought the shampoo. And that was in a supermarket, *with* my lenses in! I dread to think what would happen in the shower...


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