Thursday, 28 March 2013


Yesterday I heard on the radio that David Miliband is stepping down as an MP to go and work in the USA. Three years ago, I blogged during the leadership contest that I thought that DM looked suspiciously like Barbie’s Boyfriend Ken Carson

david millibandken carson [barbie chap]

Aha! I thought, he is going Stateside to do promotional tours for Mattel. But now I understand he is going to work for “International Rescue” – which leaves me wondering. Of all the Tracy brothers,he looks most like Virgil I think! [same nose, similar chins]

david milibandvirgil tracy


  1. Uncanny resemblance! When my son was doing a bit of politics at uni. he said that D Milliband was the only visiting politician who impressed anyone. He was the only one who answered a question saying - "I don't know the answer to that but I will find out for you." I wonder if he will turn out to be a good one that got away?

  2. Definitely! I loved Troy...


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