Sunday, 10 March 2013

Pause in Lent 2013 #4

A Pause in Lent Floss

Easter seems to be approaching at alarming speed – is this really our fourth ‘Pause’?

One of the phrases in the Lent meditation which Floss & Jane gave us last month was

Fast from words that pollute;

Feast on phrases that glorify.

It is so easy to waste time reading unedifying trivia, isn’t it? [whether it is on the printed page, or the glowing screen!]

I was both amused and encouraged by the sign I saw in WHSmith the other day. I think the assistant was a little confused when I whipped out my camera and took a photo, but she didn’t say anything.

“Our Best Offers – buy one, get one half price, on health and wellbeing books”

And the sign was by the shelf of Bibles


If there is ONE book more than any other which will bring health and well-being, it is surely THE Book.

Today is Mothering Sunday, and I thank God for my Mum – and for the way she taught me, from my earliest years, to read my Bible every day, and listen for God’s voice as I did so.

[I didn’t lift up the yellow notice – I should have done. What do you think the blue and white sign underneath said? Good News, perhaps?]


  1. Ha, I love this too! Exactly what the Bible is!!!!

  2. How true - and how well this fits in with our sermon this morning where one of the points was about our response to scripture.

  3. I like that! THE health and wellbeing book! Happy Mothering Sunday to you, Ang.


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