Friday, 1 March 2013

I Was A Stranger And You Welcomed Me


This is the theme of the Women’s World Day of Prayer- which is TODAY [it’s always the first Friday in March]

The service has been prepared this year by the women of France. I shall be attending the service in my village this afternoon, and then  this evening I’ll be speaking at a service in another village nearby.

44x66mm.pdf [ 1 ], page 1 @ Preflight ( Layout 1 )

I know that many of my friends who read this blog will be attending a service locally – friends all round the world.

This is such a special event for me – and always has been.

I shall be remembering my sisters wherever they are, and praying for them.

I thank God for those who pray faithfully every day, not just on this particular Friday.

We love because He first loved us


  1. I have only attended one of these services when we hosted it, because we had it at a time to suit, and I am unable to attend today, but I remember the women and the people of France in particular in my prayers at the moment - I have read through the booklet, and there are some very powerful ideas and prayers in there to share xx

  2. I'm so pleased with the French connection this year. In my church all the women work (yes, all of us, I think) so this is not a big thing, but it's fantastic to know that people round the world are praying for and with us today.

  3. I have never really been hugely awareof the WW Day of Prayer. Except through you, my oracle of all things. I was just thinking that we all stumbled at some stage over the rainbow as strangers and you welcomed us!


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