Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothering Sunday Treats

A card from Steph [the ‘with love’ tag and the heart tag are laser cut and stand out from the card] Very pretty!


In the Church Office before the Morning Service, I saw evidence of the hard work done by the children last week, decorating mugs.


The mugs came with @Mothers Day 2013’ already printed on. The children decorated them, and filled them [with mini marshmallows


and chocolate sachets.

Then they were wrapped in cellophane. ALL  the ladies in church received one at the end of the service. Thanks kids!DSCF5286DSCF5288

Josephine Almond

It made a thoughtful change from our usual flowers and plants. Furthermore, on a day when we have had quite a few snow showers, a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows seems a lovely idea! We had quite a few visitors in church today – grown up children back to see their Mums – and take them to lunch! I have often posted pictures of my Mum – but here is the one Bob posted on his facebook page today of his Mum. She was beautiful!


  1. She was lovely. People don't have photos taken like this anymore do they?

  2. Very beautiful indeed. Look at those glamourous eyebrows!


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