Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Scottish “Killing”?

Well, I quite enjoyed ‘Shetland’ [BBC1, Sunday and Monday] with Dougie Henshall, although it has not had good reviews elsewhere.

Douglas Henshall-shetland

The scenery was stunning, and there was some amazing knitwear in evidence. Unlike Sarah Lund’s overpriced sweaters, you can actually buy some of the patterns and knit them for yourself if you want [check out the blog of designer Kate Davies here to find out more]

shetland hat

The plot was based on a book by Ann Cleeve [who wrote ‘Vera’] and she has written 3 more set on these ruggedly beautiful islands. It was a bit predictable in parts, and I couldn’t believe Alexander Morton was a baddie [he was ‘Golly’ in monarch of the Glen, so you just knew he has to be a decent chap] More like Midsomer Murder than Scandi Slayings – but enjoyable. Maybe they will do some more.

Then there was ‘Broadchurch’. I missed Episode 1, and people said “Oh you would like that” so I caught up with it in time for Episode 2. Not so convinced there, despite the excellent cast

[I am making great use of i-player these days, I never get to watch things in ‘real time’ lately!]

coleman tennant broadchurch

The ubiquitous Olivia Colman [she seems to be in almost everything these days] plays alongside David Tennant – the ‘incomer’ cop who got the promotion which she had been expecting for herself. There were some rather inefficient police procedural errors which had us yelling at the television.

  • If you have just been told the murder details are Utterly Confidential and then your mobile phone rings, surely you would not answer if you saw the caller was your nephew, and up and coming news reporter? he’s hardly going to be calling to wish you ‘Happy Birthday’ is he?
  • if you are the Police Family Liaison Officer, even if you have just finished training, you never tell the family ‘You are my first case’!
  • And when a boy has died on the beach, would the Chief Constable really stroll publicly along the promenade with her DI, happily licking 99s?

And as for that Vicar [played by Arthur Darvill -  aka Rory in Matt Smith’s Dr Who] In a town of 51,000, he despaired at only getting 19 in his congregation a few days after the tragedy. Not surprising listening to what was being said from the pulpit. Why are TV clergy so utterly dire? [Perhaps Olivia could give him some tips, having been married to Tom Hollander’s ‘Rev’] But maybe part 3 will show some sort of improvement.

Nobody in Broadchurch wears interesting knitwear.


  1. Think you should send Bob in to write the scripts.

  2. I watched the first night of Shetland, which I loved and then caught the last half hour of the second night - I too was surprised to see Alexander Morton as a bad guy, but he actually pulled it off quite well - he's getting more and more gruff as he ages! The scenery was stunning and I will be going to the i-player to watch the bit I missed - and for Broadchurch. I saw the first one, too, and need to catch up. I watched a little of Lightfields last night and wasn't that smitten so I don't think I will be bothering with that.
    Really hoping for more Shetland, and even more Vera, too!

  3. Ha ha! I love your feedback on this! Yes, silly inconsistencies! If I had TV, I'd now like to watch this to find out about it!x

  4. Well, I felt duty-bound to watch 'Shetland' for obvious reasons and in the main I did like it but found the inconsistencies in the accents rather annoying! Dougie Henshall's in particular seemed to be rather laboured, considering he is Scottish after all. I loved the scenery too and the knitwear was lush. Apparently, the screenwriter changed quite a lot about the book, which I haven't read so it didn't make much difference to me but those that have seem to be the ones most disappointed with the programme.
    Thanks, Ang, for popping over to mine and leaving your precious comment.x

    1. That's a good point about the original book - so often the transition to screen can include changes which jar with those who read something first.

  5. I missed both of these- though Mum has been raving incessantly about Shetland. I think I've probably missed Broadchurch 1 on i-Player, though as I'm only interested in Tennant, the plot probably doesn't matter...

  6. Shetland? The characters don't wear enough clothes! No one walks around up here with their coat unbuttoned :-)

  7. I bow to your superior Orcadian knowledge, never having ventured that far north- but if UpHellya takes place in January, then yes, those cardigans [however pretty] do seem insufficient protection against the elements!!


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