Saturday 23 March 2013

Bible Bashers

After the bike incident on 28th February, Bob seemed OK, apart from a graze on his knee. Then a few days later, he announced there was a strange lump. There followed some gentle reminders, warm encouragement – no I admit, it became full blown wifely nagging of the Proverbs 27 water torture variety. Eventually I went with him to the Urgent Care Walk In Clinic in Loughborough – where the nurse declared it to be a ganglion, and not to worry. “The traditional treatment is to wallop them hard with a Family Bible” she said.


These things often go away of their own accord, we were told. We went home.

Meanwhile the date for my appointment came through for the Hand Clinic in Loughborough

I’d been having a problem which got put on the back burner due the cartilage op.

I had a lump come up on the side of my right thumb. It was getting larger and larger [like Nanny McPhee’s warts] and I was quite self-conscious about it. The GP referred me to the Hospital. Then I banged my hand, and the lump disappeared. Then came back again.


So this week we went back to Loughborough and the Doctor said “Oh, that’s a ganglion” so I asked if I should bash it with the Family Bible? She said she thought not. Did it bother me? I said I was very aware of it, especially when counting on my fingers with pupils.

And it keeps catching on scissors when I am teaching sewing. The Dr said she could remove it, with local anaesthetic, day surgery, and it would be very quick. But the side of my thumb would forever be numb where nerves were cut, I would have a scar, and there was no guarantee the lump wouldn’t come back again anyway. And this would not be in Hinckley, or Leicester, or Loughborough – but inexplicably in the Royal Derby Infirmary [that’s in another county]

Conclusion; there seems little point having it removed if it may return [its the result of an arthritic thumb joint] and anyway it has subsided again today.

Next week I have to go to Hinckley Hospital for my post-knee-op check up.

Hands, Knees…but definitely NOT attending the Bumpsadaisy Clinic!


  1. I have a ganglion on my wrist, as did my mother, it gets worse if I knit,as did hers, but I seem to be able to crochet without problems.

  2. I hope your post op appointment goes well.

  3. Darren did have a ganglion that went away after he hit it with a Bible.

  4. My Mother advocates using a rolling pin! Please don't.Hope you're coping with the snow.Have a good weekend. x

  5. I had a Bible bump in college and then one day I looked down and it was gone! It did not come back! It was on my wrist.

    1. I LOVE the name 'Bible Bump' - sounds much better than 'ganglion' !!

  6. The YFG had one on the back of her hand last year, and the GP referred us to a specialist but, don't you know, by the time the appointment came round, the ganglion had all but disappeared!

  7. You need to come snuggle under a McPhee blanket!

  8. Bible bump - great name!

    Mr. M has one on his wrist - or had one - it did pop at some point but he can still feel it under the skin. Perhaps he's got some arthritis going on there.

    Does anyone have Family Bibles anymore? With Doré engravings? (Must have those to qualify as a proper Family Bible.) :)

  9. I had a similar lump on the side of my middle finger. It was obviously filled with fluid and was diagnosed as a synovial cyst, which is very similar to a ganglion.
    It became quite large - bigger than a large pea - and I was told that if it did burst by itself there was a strong chance of recurrence or infection. So I had it removed surgically.
    The operation was painless, successful and with no complications. My finger is normal and there is no scar even though the incision was quite long, and there is no sensitivity of the skin. Perfect in fact.
    So I wouldn't let the scaremongers put you off if you are fed up with it.
    I also had a huge bandage on after the op which had a very high sympathy factor !!


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