Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Just A Soupçon!

I keep forgetting to post pictures of our Lent “Soup Kitchens” which are happening every Tuesday night in one or other of our Church Halls. Here’s a collage of photos.soup kitchen 20131-001

Marilyn, Pam and Sue are chief servers [thank you for your hard work every week] – and here is our lovely soup kettle [from Makro, makes 9 litres- serves between 45-60 portions, depending on your mug size!] There’s Bob [fixing the computer] and Tom the Rector [with Jill from the Coalville foodbank] and finally some happy supper guests.

It has worked really well as a ‘Churches Together’ Lenten event, with 60+ attending each time. Our speakers have been good, and the donations generous. We have learned quite a lot about poverty and deprivation in our area- and how our Christian brothers and sisters are working to alleviate suffering.



  1. Wonderful idea. Our church hasn't had them this year, but used to call them 'Hunger lunches'.

  2. What a wonderful way to spend an evening, giving a helping hand. You had an excellent turn out too and if everyone went home a little wiser that's even better.

    Karen x

  3. What a great idea! So great that so many are showing up.


  4. Wonderful idea! Truly a blessing for all.

  5. God bless you as you servce Him!
    Love Jilly


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