Monday 19 January 2015

All By My Shelf!


Now it really does feel like we are on the move. The bookshelves are bare [well, almost] and we’ve packed hundreds of volumes. Some to come with us, some for charity, and six boxes are going to young theology students.

The boxes are categorised- Bob’s office in Ferndown will be at the church, not at home – so his theology books will be going there. My books are in groups labelled school and craft, and then we have cookery, fiction, non fiction, children’s books.

We have packed the books in the ‘small’ boxes, but they are still heavy. Removal men must dread moving clergy and teachers!


  1. Our book were the worst to pack and yes indeed to lift! And we would have only a fraction of your joint library! But in the end they unpacked very easily, and it was a great delight to take them all out and find their spot on the shelf, and a little surrptitious read just to reassure them that life was still good!

  2. Oh yes, the books take so long to pack in our 'business'! xx


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