Thursday 8 January 2015

Committee Christmas Card

When we attend the WWP Residential Committee each November, we are asked to take one Christmas Card. These all go in a basket and we each take one – more sense than sending two dozen! I try to make mine special – so here is the one I sent this year. I used the hemisphere design which I used when making Hayley’s wedding card in April. I took WWDP images for this year’s theme [The Bahamas – and a verse from the story of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet]
wwdp 2014
I wrote my greeting on the inside, so it is visible when the folded card comes out of the envelope- but not on show once the bow is tied and the card is standing up.


  1. I've just caught up on your last few days... a dreadful experience! You were so lucky to find the badge on the drive. Sending lots of 'blogging best wishes' Jx

  2. Thank you Jan - we continue to be overwhelmed as people catch up with the news and send good wishes- and the practical help received from friends on the spot has been amazing!

  3. I do love this card design x


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