Saturday 10 January 2015

Shades of Gray


loved Alan Bates, Julie Christie,Terence Stamp and Peter Finch in the 1967 version of FFTMC, I suspect I shall enjoy this new version too. The title comes from "Gray's Elegy" [written 1750] and this film is released 150 years after Hardy wrote the book. My Dad loved Gray's Elegy, and could recite it by heart, so I knew it from early childhood. But I had only just started reading Hardy when the first film came out. 

At Uni, I had a boyfriend who was studying Hardy as part of his degree course, so I read even more then. Just to warn you - once I move to Dorset, I plan to re-read lots of Thomas Hardy, and go on and on about him. I really need to investigate more about his life. 

[and no I shall not be bothering with that other film, not my style, thank you very much!]


  1. I studied FFTMC for my 'O' level and was hooked. I love Hardy's work, but the other people in my Lit classes at uni were surprised that I read him by choice.
    I have the 1967 version on video; I think I will have a film afternoon next week and enjoy it again!

    1. Definitely a tea, biscuits and knitting afternoon!!

  2. Love Thomas Hardy, well most of his 'stuff'.
    Did Eng.Lit. exam based on Far From the Madding Crowd, still failed it!
    !967version is my favourite too!
    Hope you are now dry at the house and getting things sorted.
    My Nephew is moving house so when he heard what I was going to do with the boxes and packaging he got his Mum Rita to pick them up.
    (I was going to make a 'lasagne' in the raised garden bed....... Using the boxes and packaging paper with manure and then topsoil!).

    1. So glad you have found another home for your boxes!! Thanks for the encouraging phonecall x

  3. I want you to find the stone circle from Mayor of Casterbridge and we'll meet there some evening at dusk!

  4. The film was filmed at the house where one of my favourite bloggers works. I am looking forward to seeing it,


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