Tuesday, 20 January 2015

When One Door Closes…

…another opens.

door closingOr so people keep saying to me.

Yes, our time here in Kirby Muxloe is coming to a close, and soon we will be enjoying new experiences as we begin work in Dorset.

But I feel that I should point out that as we prepare to leave this house, the study and kitchen doors are resolutely refusing to close.

They have absorbed a lot of moisture, and swollen badly. A good reminder that sometimes the doors do not close completely – the friendships will remain, even if we are a long way away.


  1. We have found that even moving from one country to another...the friends are still there. I'm sure you will not be forgotten.

  2. This post is so poignant for me, Angela, since my BFF is emigrating to NZ in a month's time. She's here visiting with me at the moment and next Wednesday I will have to say goodbye to her, maybe for the last time. It's a bittersweet visit but we're both being quite valiant about stemming the tide of tears which will ensue on her departure but as you say, the friendship will remain, only from as far away as the other side of the world!

    1. You're in my thoughts and prayers - at least with the wonders of the Internet, we can all keep in touch far more easily than in previous generations.Enjoy the time you have together this week x

    2. Yes, you're right about that Angela. When my uncle emigrated way back in the late 50's, there was very little contact from him, barring the odd letter. My Nana was heartbroken to lose her eldest son to another country and when she and my Pop died, he couldn't get back for the funerals, which were months apart, because of the time and cost involved. Things have certainly changed and the world is indeed a little smaller.

  3. Everyone will miss you. My prayers go with you as you travel on.


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