Monday 12 January 2015


You can walk round downstairs without things going ‘squelch!’ anymore. One dear reader of this blog, who lives in Leicester, contacted me to offer the loan of a de-humidifier [thanks M!] You cannot believe how much water has been collected and emptied from its reservoir. Bob has been burning joss-sticks in his study to mask the awful damp smell. Now it smells very like a 1970s student flat! I feel I should put up a Che Guevara poster and wear some loon-pants and love-beads! [the older ones of you will understand those references] But instead I have just packed box after box after box…

Sunday morning was fantastic- we had a baptismal service at Church. Michelle and Cameron spoke of their faith, and Hayley, our former Youth Worker, came back to share in the service, as she’d been part of the spiritual journey. I was on prayer and towel duty, but Rachel kindly took these photos on my camera.


A true Scot, a dried off Cam returned to his pew in his kilt! As Sarah is back at Uni in Durham, her sister Kathryn ‘face-timed’ the service on her phone.


The church was packed, the atmosphere was one of joy and celebration  – really good to feel that Bob’s ministry here is ending on such a high note!


  1. Glad you are less 'squelchy'! If you run out of josh sticks I've got loads you can have. xxx

  2. Lovely memories to take with you. Jx

  3. Oh wow, what a wonderful occasion to end your ministry with! x

  4. LOVE baptisms. Do you remember when baptisees had to wear white gowns over a swimming cossie?

  5. Glad to here you are finally drying out.


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