Friday 2 January 2015

Hobbit Forming


It was really lovely to do our traditional Christmas Cinema Trip in the company of Steph and Mark yesterday. I enjoyed the Hobbit [#3] and thought Martin Freeman was excellent, as were the rest of the cast. Lots of brilliant British character actors [James Nesbit, Ken Stott, Billy Connolly and others, and a final cameo from Ian Holm] It is quite bleak though, and a lot of battle scenes- some quite grisly. I was surprised at the age of some of the young children in the cinema – I’d have had nightmares if I’d watched this sort of thing when I was in primary school! [I have nightmares now sometimes, after scary films!] I’d rate the film ****

We went to the 2pm showing, so were able to come home and spend hours preparing the Wedding Plan Spreadsheets. Twenty weeks to go – and lots of other things to do in between. It will all come together, I know. Steph and Mark are working as a team on this, which is exactly how it should be. I am very proud of them both.

enigma filmYes, I did go and see The Imitation Game. Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch and co were good. But I decided it is best enjoyed by those who go to see it as a piece of entertainment. If you are a Bletchley Park Geek [as I am] you just get very frustrated by the major inaccuracies. I realise it is a film, and facts need to be ‘tweaked’ to fit it into the time available. But I was not happy about a number of details.

So I shall not give it a review here as I know am irrationally prejudiced. Go and see it for yourself!!

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  1. We really want to see The Imitation Game, but have to wait for a VO showing. Missed "Mr Turner" due to Mr FD's incapacity to go out while it was on. Not at all interested in The Hobbit (we didn't see LotR either)
    Good luck with the Wedding Planning. And the Move.


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