Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Making A Stand For The Family

January will be rather busy with packing and moving, so I am going to prepare some posts in advance about some of our Christmas gifts. I had quite a few random plates in the sideboard – some inherited from Bob’s Mum, some from my Mum, and some were just pretty ones I had picked up in Charity Shops over the years. They cannot all go with me to Dorset – and it seemed a shame just to box them all up for a CS. So Bob worked incredibly hard, giving up precious days off, to go out into the garage and drill them.
The red one [front right] is the cakestand Bob made for me just before my birthday, using the fittings from my Scout Rummage Sale bargain. The red Grindley plates in that are ones I collected from the little hardware shop in Kenilworth when I was a student.
The turquoise blue plate which came with the fittings in April became the middle plate in a new stand - that went to Steph for her 30th birthday, as a stand with plates from her two grandmothers above and below.[Pictured second from left]
The others have gone to family and close friends as Christmas presents. The drill bits are now completely worn down and have gone into the recycling!

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  1. The cake stands are beautiful and a wonderful way of reusing sentimental items.


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