Wednesday 21 January 2015

Is Someone Taking The Mickey?

red sharpie

We are labelling the boxes carefully, and there is a special colour coded card index system so we know what is in each box, and where in the new house it should end up. We have three parcel-tape dispensers and a whole box of Sharpies for writing labels and contents descriptions. We are Very Geeky about all this! But unfortunately the top came off a pen in my pocket, and has left an interesting stain [they are very old CK jeans which belonged to Liz or Steph in their teens, so not too serious] I shall endeavour to deal with this mark later – in a creative way!



  1. An embroidered smiley mouth and two beady eyes?!

  2. LOL! Looks a bit like one of those sit-on bouncy things that are normally orange! Can't remember what they are called at the moment!

  3. I saw a pin on Pinterest titled "How to Remove Sharpie Stains from ANY Fabric". You may not need to morph that stain into an apple!


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