Saturday, 3 January 2015

Ignauis Nunquam!

the-jenyns-armsThis is the Latin inscription over the Jenyn’s Arms, at  the Denver Sluice near Downham Market. It means “Dastards Never!”

I guess that should deter cowards and evildoers from calling in at this delightful waterside watering hole. But we went- along with Steph, and Mark, and Ruth and John. R&J are ‘relations-by-marriage’ as their son is married to Bob’s sister [so they are my in-laws-in-laws I suppose] We had a lovely lunch in the winter sunshine


We sat in the conservatory- still festively decorated


The boats were moored – but the swans swam happily up and down


And we had a great meal together. Highly recommended *****


No dastards spotted anywhere


  1. How nice to have a waterside lunch in January.

  2. Lunch out is always a treat..and with a view like that..a special treat!
    Jane x


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