Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Going To Pot!

My personal declutter rule is "No more china from charity shops unless it is Hornsea  -  preferably Cornrose pattern" So when I  saw this lovely teapot in the DEBRA CS  in Poole yesterday when I was out with Liz and Rosie,  I texted Bob a picture first! It was a real bargain  - and came with 3 cups and saucers too.

In other news,  we were very happy on Sunday night that both Helen Archer/Tichener  AND  Ross Poldark's are free.  But we wonder if the TV company producing  GBBO may have been just a little too greedy? 


  1. I'm a little teapot!Can't believe Rosie is crawling already! She's truly scrumptious!Aren't we so lucky to be Grandmas? I wonder whether Paul and Mary will migrate to Channel 4? I'm doubtful.

  2. I don't think I will go to Channel 4 with them. All that "After the break..." and there will be lots of ads to pay for the cost. Also part of the attraction is that it is just a bit old school BBC

  3. So sad about the whole money priority chez GBBO. I know image is everything and they have distilled it well in the tent, but my goodness. So worried about Helen and Rob in the same village now.


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