Thursday, 8 September 2016

Large Cakes from The Fat Chicken's Mother.

...which sounds nothing like as attractive as Les Grandes Galettes de la Mère Poulard, does it? When we left Kirby Muxloe [over 19 months ago] our dear friends in the other local Churches Together group collected together and gave us a generous M&S token 'for your new home'. We promptly replaced our dreadful saggy pillows. But there was just a little bit left on the card. I have finally spent it on biscuits. But these are not just any biscuits. These are delicious French biscuits, in a lovely tin.
These delicious [and, indeed, large] biscuits remind me of a very wet, windy day back in 2005, when we were in Normandy, on the motorbike, looking at Mont-St-Michel through the mist and rain [weather too bad to risk the bike on the causeway across]
La Mère Poulard is a hotel on Mont-St-M. The owners Annette and Victor Poulard realised that tourists came , but left promptly before the tides washed over the causeway - so shrewdly offered food and hospitality to make them stay longer. Their signature dish was a large omelette mixed in a copper bowl,cooked over an open fire. 
You can still buy these - but expect to pay upwards of £75 - the eggs come accompanied by lobster and truffled potatoes! Famous diners including Hemingway and Yves St Laurent have autographed the walls of the restaurant. I shall stick to just eating the biscuits. M&S is the cheapest place to buy these at the moment [especially if you have a gift token]
And when the biscuits are all eaten, the tin will be a reminder of my Christian friends back in Leicestershire [thank you!]
I enjoyed this foodie review I found online
"Opening a sachet to remove a biscuit, now made in a factory, you nonetheless sense the care that has gone into its preparation. Provenance is immediately apparent, for there, centrally positioned in light yellow relief, is a stylised Mont Saint-Michel. The surround is a deeper gold, giving way to a thin rim of brown biscuit.
A scent of sugary, yolky, vanilla caramel rises and the galette breaks with a comforting snap as tiny crumbs fall to be collected later with a moistened finger... In the mouth it is crunchy, sandy almost, and deliciously melts away with those flavours of vanilla and caramel. It is an evocative memory of a French pâtisserie."
Souvenirs heureux d'un grand temps en France  - and equally happy memories of Churches Together in KM&LFE.


  1. I have a voucher for m&s to finish off. I think I may invest in my own tin of biscuits x x

  2. I forgot to say that there are not that many biscuits in the tin - 10 individual packs of 3. Not very good for Zero Waste Week!

  3. Oooh how yummy! I didn't know they stocked those.

  4. They sound delicious!! A nice reminder if your friends!x

  5. What a treat! The foodie review makes them sound extra delish.


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