Friday, 30 September 2016

Spouse's September Stuff

My September crafting has not been very photogenic- mending jeans and tops for the girls, organising the Christmas Tree Festival with women and church, and lotsof wood polishing. Bob, on the other hand, has been relaxing with all sorts of little projects and produced some lovely items.
Before we went to Cornerstones in August, he dismantled his trolley BBQ and took the top part and installed it on the concrete shelf next to his smoker.

This left him with a black trolley [well, four uprights and a set of wheels] he put a top on this, made from an old piece of wood, and polished it. Then added a handle at one end, and a row of black painted hooks at the other [my tea towel rack from Kirby]. That is now a useful addition to the kettle BBQ here.
I have been struggling with my die-cut activities, with little bits of paper stuck in the dies "I need a proper pokey tool!" I said, as I wrestled with a pin. Bob took the pin, and fitted it into a handle [free chopstick which came with a takeaway, painted black] and then found an old syringe cover to make a safety cap. That's £4 I shan't need to spend at Hobbycraft. 
His final craft activity this month has been a hat rack in the hall. Four out of five of these hats are his, and they look so much better on hooks. It is easier to grab the right hat on his way out of the front door!

Well done Bob! Thanks for all the DIY. By the way, did you see that in Sweden they plan to give tax breaks to people who make-do-and-mend. If you get your white goods, or bike, or clothes repaired, you can claim half the tax back on the cost. Mind you, that's not going to benefit people like Bob and myself who usually do our own repairs!


  1. That sounds like an excellent tax break idea! There are far too many hoovers and washing machines in landfill! Well done clever Bob.x

  2. What an ingenious and skilled chap Bob is!


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