Saturday, 3 September 2016

Victoria And Vinegar

I have finally caught up with the first two episodes of "Victoria" on ITV. I recorded them so was able to zizz quickly through the advert breaks. There seemed to be a lot of them, and I understand people have been complaining about their frequency ['however often Sainsburys tell me to, I shall not be putting peaches on my pizza' tweeted one woman]
All the Whovians are enjoying Jenna Coleman - and other actors from that oeuvre, and it appears that a whole new generation have just discovered Rufus Sewell. Where have they been? I ask myself, having first thought he was a brilliant actor [and not too bad to look at either] more than 20 years ago when I saw him in Cold Comfort Farm.  
btw Mags - I now have my own copy of that DVD, so can enjoy Stella Gibbons glorious prose whenever I want!
RS has also been more recently in Pillars of the Earth, Aurelio Zen and Parade's End. He plays Lord Melbourne brilliantly - so I shall overlook the fact that he is only 48 and undeniably goodlooking, whereas the real Lord M was rather overweight, and 10 years older when Victoria came to the throne. But hey, this is Sunday night chill-out TV, and Poldark is back tomorrow, all torn shirt and rippling muscles,so ITV has got to make a bit of an effort to get some viewers. As I rarely watch any of these in 'real time' I doubt I shall feel particularly conflicted.
If you can overlook the historical inaccuracies, it is, thus far, proving to be reasonable entertainment [particularly whilst tackling the Ironing Mountain] But I do keep expecting Jenna to go outside the Palace and step into the Tardis.
On the domestic front, Bob has resolved the Vinegar Issue. He found a helpful video on YouTube showing how to refill a non-refillable bottle. Once I have used up the remaining liquid, I shall try this and let you know if it works. 

This clip does come with a warning;
Follow this advice entirely at your own risk and ensure an adult is present. For those of you that believe in re-use before recycle, hate waste and like vinegar, this video shows you how to remove the non-removable lid from a Sarsons vinegar bottle.
Therefore I shall ensure Bob, or amother adult, is present when I do this! I've discovered that Sarson's Vinegar was around even before Victoria was born -James Sarson started the business in 1794, and then his son Henry took over. Referencing the biblical story of the Wise Virgins in Matthew 25, he named the product "Virgin Vinegar" for its purity and strength. The name was eventually dropped.

The Sarsons website is a mine of information. Vinegar is often regarded as one of the super eco friendly cleansers - but their helpful page of tips points out one or two places where it is not a good idea to use it for cleaning. e.g. this one
Your smartphone and laptop monitor probably have a thin layer of oleophobic coating that limits fingerprints and smudges. Acidic vinegar can strip this off, so you should never use it to clean sensitive screens.
So don't use vinegar for that or your family may regally declare "we are not amused"


  1. Brilliant video. Many thanks for highlighting that. Sarson's aren't going to get the better of us!

  2. Isn't the Internet great. An answer to almost every problem.

  3. Those actors are quite beautiful and totally unlike Queen Victoria...she was a pretty dumpling. Cold Comfort Farm, the movie, was great but must read the book which is said to be 'funniest book ever written". Now that I know some of the background, I need to see the DVD again.


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