Thursday, 1 September 2016

Many Hands Make Light Work

How was your Bank Holiday? [assuming you were somewhere that had one this week] 
We had planned to do lots of gardening - then Bob remembered he had some lighting projects to sort out, so I said I would work outside if he did inside jobs. First he fixed up the Gospel chandelier over the dining table.
And he replaced the outside security light - with one which is better placed lower down the wall, and actually works when it is supposed to! Finally, he put up a couple of lamps hanging over the 'breakfast bar' in the kitchen. They're  Melodi pendants from IKEA, and cost £5 each. I love the extra light over the worktop, they glow beautifully in the evening.
So Bob had a very productive day. 

Mine was fairly good - I worked very hard at weeding [in my Gardening Gloves] and absolutely filled the garden bin. This is where things started to go pear-shaped. Knowing that the bin was due for collection on Wednesday, I decided to pull the bin out to the front of the house before I forgot.

Somehow, I managed to catch the very heavy bin on the garage door key, and bent it at right angles. We have no spare garage key!

Bob removed the key, declared it was split, and we'd need to get a new one cut after the Bank Holiday. He didn't risk turning it to lock the door, in case it broke, so we had to leave the garage unlocked overnight. On Tuesday, we went out to do a little shopping and I put the 'kitchen key ring' [garage and shed keys] onto the carabiner that holds my car and house keys.
But when we got to Timpsons at Sainsburys, I discovered that the key had broken - and I only had the round bit on the ring - not the part that opens the lock!
Bob left me to buy groceries and went home to look for it. He returned without it.
We went home - and finally Bob discovered it in the middle of the lawn [I'd been to check the shed was locked, and it must have broken en route] In the end, he managed to remove the old lock barrel and has replaced it with a new one [so we now have spare garage keys] Very glad that he is such a practical chap.
Yesterday I went to see a friend, and cycled. I saw the most cute little Austin Seven on the A31. I stopped and took a photo when it was stationary at the traffic lights.

AME534 is apparently a well known vintage vehicle - it seems to be all over the Internet. I suspect it currently has Twyford Waterworks on the front because they have their Open Day/Vintage Event on Sunday. I doubt I shall be able to visit, but it looks like a fun place. Seeing the little Home Guard Car brought back happy memories of Clive Rushby's Vintage WW2 Vehicle displays at the Village Fun Day back in Kirby Muxloe
I continued pedalling along, feeling rather hot and tired [my face red as a tomato]
There wasn't another pedestrian on the pavement or cyclist on the cycle path. 
I heard a wolf whistle. I looked over my shoulder, and there was a second whistle from a vehicle behind me.
Some lads in a camper van going past, and they were clearly whistling ME. 
My inner, moderately feminist self was quite properly annoyed at their insolence. My outer, moderately overweight 61-year old grandmother self was rather pleased to have been noticed. [I suspect these lads need to go to SpecSavers!]


  1. Was it politically incorrect of the boys, I ask?!!

  2. I think it IS the thin end of the wedge when it comes to female harassment. I am old and OK and confident. For many younger women, to be w-w'd in the street makes them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

  3. I enjoyed your lovely photos posted today and what a handy fellow Pastor Bob is. What an interesting name for a chandelier but obvious why. Those lights over your breakfast bar are fabulous.

    I must be out of touch because I had never thought about a wolf whistle as a form of harassment. A quick google told me I was out of touch and there were several articles in the British newspapers. I agree with your response to poster Elizabethd.


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