Monday, 12 September 2016

This Is Getting Silly!

I'm always amused by the idea of a self basting chicken. Waitrose sell 'essential' ones.
And when Liz was younger,  she talked about rugs for ponies called Self-righting New Zealanders. 
But now I think that I have heard it all.  In Norfolk over the weekend, they had a self-releasing squirrel 

It could only happen in Norfolk.  Detailshere


  1. I am not a fan of squirrels (over grown rats) they nick your tomatoes, often taking out just one bite and then will try another. We have way to many where I live. Years ago one somehow got into our attic and it is unbelievable what damage they can do.

    For some of us lazy cooks the self basting chicken sounds quite nice. I see it got some rather good reviews.

  2. Never under estimate the abilities of a squirrel!


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