Wednesday 21 September 2016

Let There Be Peace On Earth...

At our WWDP Committee yesterday, Elizabeth reminded us that the UN marks 21st September each year as 'International Day of Peace' - and that the World Council of Churches has therefore designated it as 'International Day of PRAYER FOR Peace' [it was first observed in 1982 - but I confess I had not really been aware of it] The Day’s theme for 2016 is “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace.”

Below is a prayer for the day, written by someone from the Philippines

Grant Us Peace 

Grant us peace that will
BREAK our silence in the midst of violence
then prophetic voices shall resonate

Grant us peace that will
PULL US DOWN from the steeple of our pride
then we'll learn to wash each other's feet

Grant us peace that will
EMPTY us of hate and intolerance
then we'll turn guns into guitars and sing

Grant us peace that will
SHUT our mouths up when we speak too much
then we'll learn to listen and understand what others are saying

Grant us peace that will
DISTURB us in our apathy
then we'll dance together under the sun

Grant us peace that will
BURN our lethargic hearts
then we'll endure burning and let love and justice glow

Whilst I recognise the importance of the UN's Goals [below] I personally believe that we need God's help most of all to bring peace in our world. Let us pray especially for the situation in Syria right now.

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  1. I saw the reference to the UN International Day of Peace on my calendar, today. It would be such a blessing, if there was peace, both within ourselves and among us all.


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