Monday, 12 September 2016

Wet, Windy Wimborne - and Sparkling, Sunny Southbourne

What a difference a day makes - Saturday morning's brief trip to Wimborne was Very Damp. The poor pipers outside the Minster were all in their waterproof capes as they played 'Amazing Grace'. We went into Le Petit Prince Café  for coffee and cake. Rosie is getting very keen on feeding herself, and trying new tastes.

Then on Sunday the sun shone, and the weather was totally different. In the afternoon, Bob boarded the coach with others from UCF to go to the BBC Big Sing at the Albert Hall. And we four girls drove to Southbourne. We watched paragliders, we paddled [Rosie didn't like the cold waves!] collected pretty shells, and had ices at Café RivaThis was Rosie's first experience of ice cream. She prefers this to carrot and coriander soup [sadly I never got a picture of her disgusted expression when she tasted that!] The sun shone and the sky was so blue.
How blessed am I, to be able to enjoy such a glorious weekend with my three girls!
I hope your weekend was good too.


  1. Who would prefer carrot soup over ice cream?!

  2. So nice to have time with daughters and grand daughter.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend in the company of your daughters and granddaughter, in both rain and in sun shine.

  4. Thanks for all the kind words. I think my three girls are fantastic and love watching them being happy together


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