Friday, 9 September 2016

Pickling, Passivating or Preserving?

I had heard about passivating - a treatment for stainless steel. It is what we originally thought our oven doors needed - but they didn't, they needed powder coating instead
But pickling? for stainless steel? It means removing a thin layer from surface, in order to get rid of impurities etc.
I haven't done any pickling this year.
But I have done some other preserving recently.
I made 6lbs of marmalade with a tin of MaMade this week.
I have prepared and frozen lots of apples - some plain, some pies, some crumbles- using fruit from friends' trees.
An unexpected glut of red and yellow peppers have been slow roasted and frozen too. 
And I harvested the Cornerstones lavender, and dried the buds. They are in a jar for use in lavender bags etc.
It is very satisfying to have prepared food in the warm sunshine ready for the cooler autumn months!
Have you done any pickling or preserving recently?


  1. I haven't done picking but I've been boiling up the windfall pears, apples and blackberries with honey. Some gas gone in the freezer, some has been eaten. Pears stewed with honey and a few homegrown raspberries has been wonderful!x

  2. If I had been driving behind the van I would have to have rushed home to look up 'passivation'! It is not a word that I have heard before.
    Lots of tomato preserving, slow roasted, pureed, and roasted courgettes/peppers and shallots too.

  3. Growing hasn't been fruitful this year but I have been buying the super six from aldi so I have nice full freezers

  4. Ooh, I learned a new word, today! Passivation. I haven't pickled or preserved recently. I do have plans to do some preserving (jam and marmalade) in the next month or two, however.


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