Sunday, 6 November 2016

Advent Adventures

It is only three weeks till Advent Sunday. So here's a heads-up about the Pause In Advent which will be starting then. I joined this back in 2009, when Floss was hosting it, and it is firmly a Christmas Tradition now.If you want to join in, read about it here. And do let me know if you'd like your posts to go on the list. I so love reading through people's thoughts about the Christmas season - whether or not they are 'faith-based'
And whatever beliefs we hold, it is always good to stop and take stock of things - particularly when the world around seems to be ever more manic than usual . 
 The Bible Society are also offering an Advent Challenge if you like that sort of thing . 

This year I am also assembling a  'Reverse Advent Calendar'. Every day during November I am adding something to the carrier bag, so that on 1st December there will be 30 items which will go to our local foodbank. Some of the contents will be food I buy specifically, some is stuff which I already have in my pantry [but I cannot justify keeping a stack of tinned tomatoes, when some families have nothing] Here is my bag at the start of the month.
If you are doing this, remember to check your local Foodbank's requests. Ours has a glut of canned beans and don't want any more just yet. On the other hand, at this time of year, chocolates, and special treats are a lovely surprise for families. 
I am really pleased that up in Norfolk, the Eastern Daily Press are promoting RACs across the county, giving ideas and listing collection points. Here's a helpful little graphic with some inspiration for items to put in the box. 


  1. The idea for the Foodbank items sounds good - I'm going to do this. Sad it's needed in this day and age.

    Lesley H in Livingston

  2. Great food bank idea! I'll definitely join in with the Pause for Advent this year!!

  3. Love the idea of a reverse Advent Calendar and would also like to join in with the Pause for Advent over at !

  4. Yup, have started Foodbank idea. Please include me in Pause for Advent. I really enjoy it and is almost a tradition for me now!

  5. Thank you Mrs S, and Martha. I will get the list on my sidebar soon

  6. Definitely a good idea to stop and take stock of things. I also like your food bank donations idea. It might be something I, too, can do. There is a food bank near my home; I will stop by and ask if they will accept a bag of donations and what items they need.

    I don't think I am qualified to participate in a Pause for Advent, but I will be reading your posts.

    1. No qualifications needed, it is just an opportunity to stand back from the busy-ness of the season and take stock. Even if you do not write any Pause Posts, I am sure you will find those of other bloggers very thought provoking. But supporting a food bank will definitely be a generous action.

  7. Gosh, I completely missed this- could I sign up at this stage, so late as to be ridiculous? It is now!


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