Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Tell Me, Where Is Fancy Bread? misquote the Bard. Well, I will tell you, it is up the road in Ringwood! In the wonderful Bakehouse24 in Lynes Lane, just off the High Street. On Tuesday, we went to Ringwood on our day off [Bob had a birthday gift token to spend in a well known bookstore beginning with W] and we had a good mooch round the town and the Charity Shops - and then I needed a cup of tea. We followed the sign - tempted by the bicycle outside, and the word 'sourdough' !
We weren't disappointed - this place ticked all the boxes for me. Lovely mugs of tea [with milk brought at a fair price from local farmers]  and large, fresh sourdough rolls, sliced beautifully, accompanied by generous pots of butter, and rich dark berry jam. 
One end of the shop is the eating area - flanked by a huge bookshelf of great cookbooks.
I could have sat there for hours, reading Yotam Ottolenghi Thomasina Myers, Hugh F-W et al

There was a good selection of freshly baked breads to eat in or take away. I loved the quirky Christmas Decorations - rolls and buns and croissants sprayed gold and silver hanging around the place. Did they make the breads specially? I cannot believe there is anything left unsold at the end of the day - it all tasted so good!

At the other side of the shop, in full view, was the baking area.
Balls of sourdough being shaped and formed, bowls of yeast rising, and racks of baked goods fresh from the oven

Pete and co kindly allowed me to take some pictures for the blog [thank you!]. We had such a great time, they were all so friendly. We came away with a crusty golden sourdough loaf for later. If you are in this neck of the woods, do search out BH24. OK, it does positively ooze hipster vibes, but so what? Their products are good, at a fair price, and Bob and I certainly plan to go there again...I never finished reading the Nordic Cookbook...
Real Bread, from the New Forest - BH24 is well worth a visit *****

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  1. It sounds a super place to sit and read...while munching, of course!


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