Monday, 21 November 2016

Home Again

After a week of travelling,  700 miles in the car,  I am happy to wake up in my own bed again. Dorset  > Leicestershire >Norfolk >Leicestershire > Dorset.  The heavy cold which was bad on Friday is getting better,  but this is going to be a busy week,  so I hope to feel fully back to normal soon. 
Funniest thing,  Bob came up to Norfolk on the train on Saturday.  He had to change trains in London. He was just having a meal near Liverpool Street station  when a woman came up to him and asked  "Excuse me,  are you famous?"  I  am still chuckling! 


  1. Glad you are home again. Sorry to hear about the cold. Wonder how Bob answered the question whether he was famous. I hope he said, yes, he was!

  2. What a funny question! We've passed that bad cold around our family-seems to hang on for a while. Hope you're better soon!


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