Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Winchester Cathedral, You're Breaking Me Down!

We went to Winchester Cathedral to visit the Christmas Market.  I was really looking forward to it.  But we were both quite underwhelmed.  I  guess we were expecting jolly frauleins  with steins of German lager,  and huge salty pretzels, and  pretty carved Swiss Christmas decorations, lots of felted robins, tie dye scarves and artisanal breads and cakes. And people wandering round with trays of samples, and cheery Christmas music in the background. But there seemed to be very few actual producers and craftspeople.  So much was clearly mass produced and bought in to sell on.  Why pay £16 for a folded paper star lampshade  when you can get a  very similar one from IKEA for £7? Or £55 for £20 Garden Shears? Bob saw some French cheese which looked interesting, and thought about buying some for Jon. But when he talked to the stallholder, he discovered he was usually at Borough Market in London [a stone's throw from Jon and Liz, so that could hardly be counted as an interesting and unusual gift for them] All the stalls are in little sheds,  many bearing a sign saying "no photos please" So I don't have any to post.  Sorry.  
At the end of the row was a nativity scene.  I snapped that,  but as Bob pointed out,  all the Holy Family looked pretty miserable! 
We wandered round the city instead and found a few stocking-fillers in Charity Shops.  Quick lunch in the Guildhall Cafe, then back on to the park'n'ride bus. For the second time in a few hours,  we saw a fabulous rainbow. 
We travelled back to Southampton,  as Liz had asked us to pick up something in IKEA.  But it was an online-only  purchase so we failed that one! But despite all that,  we had a great time together,  and picked up a few important items.  
Like four candles for Advent  and straws for the Mocktails at Saturday Night's UCF Barn Dance
All in all we had a lovely day together, even if it didn't turn out quite as expected.
I trace the rainbow through the rain, confident that tomorrow, these minor disappointments will be forgotten.


  1. Sorry the Christmas Market was such a disappointment. But what a lovely rainbow!

  2. You guys should the In The Picture thing at it next year! I still love that idea. Sorry it wasn't lovely x

  3. Christmas markets are usually such fun, but yours did sound disappointing.

  4. Been to two Christmas markets so far, one on Saturday at White House Farm, Sprowston - good stalls, no music. then yesterday went into Norwich to the Norwegian market, 16 shed stalls, not very interesting and definitely not atmospheric. will be going to Deepdale Christmas Market in North Norfolk on Dec 2nd and hoping it is better.

    Pat in Norwich

    1. I have been to Deepdale many times and enjoyed it - but not ever to the Christmas Market. I hope you have a good day.

  5. It's getting so much harder to find a traditional Christmas market :( I'm sad that it didn't live up to dreams.


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