Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wimborne Words And Wanderings

We had a relatively lazy start to the day on Tuesday - I had an appointment at Wimborne Hospital mid-morning for a knee X-ray, and it was Bob's day off. So I indulged myself by sitting in bed with a cuppa, reading some Radio-4-in-four.
This is a great site if you have a bit of time for trivia, and don't want to get bogged down in heavy news items, or intellectually demanding works of literature. Just 4 minutes to read an article, or watch a video clip...and they are such fun.
I began with "Fourteen expressions that have vanished" and my love of words was well satisfied. I was not sure how I could manage to drop them into conversation though.
For instance, flype - to roll up your socks or stockings, before putting them on. Though the word is originally English,  it’s still in use in Scotland [is it, Cat?] The Hospital Radiographer was lovely, but I didn't feel I could ask her "May I sit here and flype my tights?"
We drove back in to Wimborne itself and went for brunch at Le Petit Prince. It was just as good as the time we went with the girls, but unlike that September Saturday [rest of clientele all young, hipster types] on November Tuesdays they appeared to be more mature folk.
The second 4-in-4 I'd read earlier was about foods which allegedly help fight dementia. We opted for Le Petit Prince Favourite Breakfast, and Le Petit Prince Treat. The former - bacon and peanut butter sandwich, the latter an open face sandwich with peanut butter and avocado. Both with a green, seed sprinkled salad on the side.
That gave us greens, wholemeal, seeds, avocado...and, of course we swapped, so we could both have one of each! A very delicious way to fight the goofd fight. But not one to repeat too often, or Bob might start calling me Trullibubs [can be a person’s entrails, but is also an insulting term aimed at an overweight person]
In which case, I might respond by telling him not to groke so much [to stare longingly at food in order to be given some]
Strolling back to the car, we passed a number of red window displays marking Remembrance Day, and other orange and black Hallowe'en ones waiting to be dismantled.
On the wall of the car park, an industrious person had left behind their pumpkin. It was intricately carved on both sides. 
Here's another of those 14 expressions...Snollygoster -a politician, who is guided by personal advantage rather than by consistent, respectable principles [a 19th century term from the USA]

Sadly Wimborne is changing, and not necessarily for the good. A number of shops in the centre have closed, and one we went into today had 25% off the entire stock. The owner said her rent had been put up by a colossal amount, and there was no way she could afford to keep open. She believes that many of the older, little independent shops will go - and the town will become another bland collection of chains, coffee shops and Charity Shops. I do hope not - it is these quirky little emporia that give a place character - the wool-shops, hardware stores, small bookshops...


  1. As DD lives in Broadstone we like to visit Wimborne and try to patronise the independent shops and restaurants, such a shame if they go.

  2. I'm afraid my little princes, and their nut allergies, will not be partaking chez Le Petit Prince then! I love those little four minute gobbits...

  3. GROKE! Love it!
    That is SO sad about Wimbourne. So many places are becoming like that!

  4. In the USA, vast sums of money are used to make highways by-pass cities, towns, villages and then people wonder why those little burgs are dying. It's crazy!


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