Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Snapshots Of Sicily

I realised that I have been very remiss in posting pictures of Sicily. That's partly because I have still to copy to my PC all of Bob's photos [which tend to be better than mine - he includes important details like complete shots, no decapitations - and his pics are properly focussed] But here are a few of my collages.[click on them for a closer view]
The fish market in Catania was amazing. Everything was so fresh- in fact we saw an octopus almost climbing out of its plastic box! The only non-fish items on sale in the market were lemons, limes, and huge bunches of parsley. In the midst of the lovely fresh caught items, I was a teensy bit disappointed to see a box of orange-breadcrumbed 'funny fish' - the piscatorial equivalent of the Turkey Twizzler. Never mind! Everywhere else we saw sparkling silver scales, glowing red crabs and lobsters, and pearly white fish and jet black mussels
The fruit and veg markets were also a riot of colour, and so carefully displayed - the basket of peppers would have done justice to a florist's window. Right outside our apartment, within reach of the front door was a tree laden with peaches, and beside the path to our gate were loads of sweet chestnuts, glowing bronze in the sunshine,having shed their green cases. 

Naturally the food was a significant part of the holiday for Bob - after all those years enjoying stories of Montelbano the detective, arancini were high on his list of 'items I want to eat' - and we enjoyed them twice [round ones and conical ones]. The food was always freshly prepared and full of taste [oh those tomatoes...!] We were aware of the simplicity of preparation/presentation too - nothing over fussy. Meals usually began with a plate of bruschetta, before the main course[s] and we avoided dessert at lunchtime - opting for a coffee and cake later in the afternoon. 

The coffee was excellent - even the cheapest espresso drunk standing at the kiosk in the market had a good flavour [and a glass of water served alongside, as is right and proper]
One other picture, this has nothing to do with food. During our enforced stopover in Rome, I found myself with time to wander round the airport shops. There was one gift shop which appeared to be connected with the Vatican. You could buy candles, statues, rosaries, missals, Bible story books for children etc etc - but I wondered exactly who would take home these publications as holiday souvenirs...
"Dante for fun - Hell" and "Dante for fun- Purgatory"
In just five weeks I have gone from Sicilian sunshine to English frosty mornings and damp autumnal evenings. Fresh fish and crisp salad enjoyed at a table outside has been replaced with a bowl of hot soup, then apple pie and custard eaten in the dining room, with the radiator on. I am not complaining though - we have great holiday memories - and I am glad to be home again. There's lots of work to do here after all, and this is where I belong.

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