Friday, 18 November 2016

Now This Is Dead Interesting

Just up the road from Cornerstones is Great  Ryburgh.  This is the home of Perfect Pork,  purveyors of finest sausages and more.
 It's also the home of Operation Turtle Dove,  a project working hard to save these birds from extinction.
 And now,  news has just been released of a fabulous historical find. Forget one king in a car park -  this is 81 Anglo Saxons in treetrunk coffins on the edge of a new fishing lake! 
You can read the full story here .  Bob is very pleased.  When we were in the Anglo-Saxon village in Suffolk last year,  he asked about the Christian remains,  and was firmly told that there were no Christians around East Anglia then.  He said he believed there were.  His faith has been vindicated! 

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  1. What an interesting find! Thank you for the link. I love reading about such things. How nice to know that Bob was right about the presence of early Christians in the area!


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