Sunday, 27 November 2016

Pause In Advent #1 - W [WJD]

There have been so many situations recently when I have found myself asking What Would Jesus Do? WWJD. I decided the titles for my Advent pauses this year would take each initial. Then I read this post by my friend Phil Jump up in the NW of England, and he said 'feel free to use it' - so thanks Phil - W = WORD. This prayer sums things up beautifully
The Word of the Lord.
As Advent begins, the repercussions of Brexit and the election of an unexpected candidate as U.S. president continue to echo. The message of the moment is that nothing is certain anymore. And for every unexpected outcome there are uncertain consequences. Yet in this season we are reminded of the enduring promises of God’s word; that Christ was born into circumstances no less uncertain, yet as testimony to the enduring reliability of God’s promise. Today we remember words spoken by prophets and preachers, generations before the cry of a new-born king pierced the dark indifference of the night air. Today we light a candle of hope as a testimony to the hope that is always ours.

We light this candle
Amidst a world of uncertainty
A world of unexpected outcomes
And ways forward that are unclear.
A fragile flame burns
That could be extinguished at any moment
A flickering testimony that there has always been light
Since the day your voice declared that it should be.
So in this world where kingdoms rise and fall
Where rulers posture in their temporary squabbles of state and empire
Where the weakest pay the price for the follies of the powerful
The word of the Lord endures for ever.
Words that promised Messiah’s coming
Words fulfilled amidst the chaos of human circumstance
Words of hope, words of life, words of promise
Words that will last for all of eternity.

© 2016 North Western Baptist Association

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  1. I have signed up in November- if you see what I mean?? I'm so glad you're give us hope and the Word today. This sums up everything I have been thinking about just now, but better than I could x


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