Monday, 7 November 2016

One Liner

Rosie rides around in a Bugaboo Bee.  Now she is getting the hang of  food,  her buggy is rather crumb-spattered.  Liz looked at the idea of a washable liner. But they are very expensive .
Could I make one please ? 
I bought some 4oz wadding and pretty fabric,  and some wide bias binding. 
The whole process was remarkably easy. 

  1. Make a paper pattern of the seat,  marking the position of the straps
  2. Cut this out once in wadding ,  and twice in fabric. 
  3. Pin together and zigzag round the  edge,  to make a wadding sandwich 
  4. Now do some straight lines of stitching to stop the layers  from shifting
  5. Use close zigzag or buttonhole stitch to define the position of slots.  
  6. Cut strap slots with sharp scissors,  or a rotary cutter and quilting rule
  7. Bind the edges neatly with tape 
  8. That's it 

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  1. Wow! It looks awesome! You did a great job! And you make it sound so simple!


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