Thursday, 23 March 2017

An In-Convenience Truth

I was at Waterloo Station yesterday morning, about to return home after 2 days of WWDP intense committee stuff. I needed the loo [ the WaterLooLoo?] but remembered that you have to pay. Dived into WHSmith and bought a chocolate bar. Made my way to the stairs

First Sign - Oh bother, I thought it was 20p. And I have one 20p coin, and no 10p coins,. Maybe someone downstairs will have change.

Second Sign - That's irritating - they want 30p but admit that there is a fault with their loos.
I continued down the stairs.
The fault? the turnstiles have broken 

- so there is no barrier needing 30p, ladies can move in and out quite freely.
Third Sign Well, I hope the engineer takes her time in arriving, and I happily accept the apologies of the Station Manager!


  1. Do hope you got home before all the trouble in London.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Thank you Hazel - I left just after 10 so was home before it started. My daughter thoughtfully texted me at 3pm, almost immediately after the attack, to say that she, Jon and Rosie were not near Westminster and were ok. My thoughts and prayers are with all caught up in the event.

  3. So pleased you were safely home Angela. I live less than an hours journey from London (with free travel) so woukd go to London very often in particular Westminster where I could stroll along the embankment and enjoy people watching. I had several interesting tours round the H of P.
    Try and enjoy the day.
    Hazel c uk

  4. 30p seems a lot. I'm sure it used to be 1p!

  5. That's 6 bob for a whiz!!Daylight robbery! Glad you got home safely. x

  6. Thoughts and prayers to London folk, and all who visit there. When we arrive in London from Guildford we walk right across that bridge from the train station. Such a world as this x


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