Friday, 24 March 2017

Going Crackers About Easter

Years ago, with time to waste waiting for a train I wandered round WHSmiths at the station, and idly looked through their display of Easter cards. "Oh! These are no good, they're all religious" said the woman next to me. "But I'm celebrating the resurrection of Jesus!What do you celebrate at Easter then?" I said [Perhaps a little too brightly] Poor woman scuttled off towards the platform!! 
I thought of her this week, when I read in various places that "Easter is the new Christmas". 
Carole Middleton, MIL to a future Defender of the Faith, advises chocolate eggs and mini meringues, and bunny hop races in your bunting-hung garden. 

Krispy Kreme have a special range of Easter themed donuts, including the Lucky Strawberry Ladybug. 
Meanwhile, another company has brought out a Cheester Egg, for those who dislike chocolate. £14 for this egg - or more if you get the whole hamper.

Waitrose report an increase in 'the demand for Easter Crackers' [people go into Waitrose and demand them?] It's a bit crazy if you ask me. My children enjoyed a few  Easter Eggs, and we had a Treasure Hunt round the house and garden involving dreadful doggerel clues with rhyming couplets. 
"The next egg is a little higher
It's on top of the____________"
[ tumble dryer, deep fat fire, electric wire, funeral pyre, bicycle tyre, Cathedral spire...] 
But the main reason for celebrating Easter was, and is, the joy of the resurrection and the New Life and hope which Jesus brings. 
I loathe the fact that the Christian season has been hijacked for commercial gain. I am sorry that Good Friday is just another working day for so many people. But I suppose the upside is that I have an opportunity to share my faith with people. 
[BTW if you ARE planning to post any Easter cards, Christian-themed or otherwise] buy your stamps NOW as they go up in price at the Weekend! 


  1. Maybe we need all this stuff to brighten up our lives in trying times.
    Or maybe we're just being had for mugs by the marketing people.

  2. It is all getting out of hand with commercialism. Thanks for the tip about stamps, I hadn't realised.

  3. It's always about commercialism and making money and Jesus doesn't bring in much cash. ;-) It's sad to me that the real meaning for Easter is lost behind bunnies and eggs and chicks!

  4. Oh rats, missed the stamp warning!! Yes, the increased commercialism is awful!!


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