Thursday, 2 March 2017

Taste And Smile [With Tate And Lyle]

We had a fantastic time on Tuesday night - loads of friends turned up for the pancake party. The house was all prepared- with cups and coffee jugs etc so people could help themselves to hot drinks, a soft drinks bar on the other side of the dining room - and a table of plates, cutlery, napkins and pancake toppings ready for the diners. I put out sugar, Nutella, blueberry jam, lemon juice, and T&L golden syrup...but generous friends brought further toppings later
Meanwhile in the kitchen there were two cooking stations - the hob on the cooker itself, and our small camping ring on the breakfast bar. 

Geoff came and helped Bob with the flipping and frying [thank you!!]
Over one hundred pancakes were served up and eaten. 

Bob had made all the batter on Monday night and left it in the fridge.

He made himself 2 pancakes for breakfast and decided to tweak the recipe as it was a little bit thin, so added more flour [to be precise, his original recipe was from the Dairy Cookbook - but the final batter was using quantities from the Good Housekeeping Book]
Between 5.45 and 8.45 we had a constant stream of guests - including lots of happy - and very well behaved - children [who didn't make it into the photos] as well as some enthusiastic teenagers.
I left at 8.45 to drive to Bournemouth as I was being interviewed on the local community radio station all about Women's World Day of Prayer. That was all very exciting - and at least you do not have to worry about clothes, hair or make-up when you are on radio!
I got home just after 11pm, still buzzing with enthusiasm. Bob said I'd done OK [I do not know if anybody else listened to the broadcast] The house was spotless, the dishwasher humming...

Next morning I put out the recycling, which included an eggbox of empty plastic lemons and a can from the Canadian Maple Syrup someone donated to the party.
Confession - I then retrieved the can because I thought it was too cute to dispose of just yet, it may become a plant or pencil holder.
My favourite toppings are either lemon juice and caster sugar or best Canadian Maple Syrup [but it has to be the pukka stuff, not that 'maple-flavoured syrup]
What do you put on your pancakes?


  1. Blog hoppin' from Sue in Suffolk's new blog! What a great idea for Shrove Tuesday. I like freshly squeezed lemon juice, a little butter and half a teaspoon of sugar on my Shrove Tuesday pancakes. Other days, though, I have the works, I love Crepes Suzette, and delcious savoury ones filled with garlic mushrooms or roasted Mediterranean vegetables with Feta cheese!
    ~~~Deborah in Wales

  2. Proper maple syrup every time! I'm blessed by my daughter who brings it with her from Canada.

  3. This sounds good!!. I wish I lived near Rev and Mrs Almond!
    For me, it can only be lemon and sugar although I did have some nice honey pancakes when I lived in Bali (and I don't like honey!)x


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