Monday, 13 March 2017

Ding Dong!

I am beginning to feel that I am turning into a grumpy old woman, muttering and complaining about the way things are. But I am attempting to be more of a positive activist than a negative moaner-on-the-sidelines. 
I first posted about bell foundries closing in 2009 when news came through that the Loughborough Foundry had been saved from closure.

Then just before Christmas, I mentioned the proposed closure of the Whitechapel Foundry.
I am so happy to report that things are moving in a positive direction here - over the weekend, the Gentle Author posted about a consortium of heritage groups which have come together with the Spitalfields Trust, in an application to Tower Hamlets Council, to have the foundry designated as an Asset Of Community Value. They had a letter in The Times on Saturday and want people to write in support [details here] The talented artist Rob Ryan who lives and works in the East End, has produced a fantastic image for this campaign. I have sent my letter of support.


  1. I have written. We seem to lose so many of our historical treasures. It must stop.

  2. I loved your piece on the Whitechapel Foundry. I will definitely write a letter of support, thank you for that, and I hope it has a stay of execution. Regards Sue H.

  3. Thank you so much, Elizabethd and Susan - I am sure that EVERY letter and email helps the cause. I will post more information when I can!

  4. I have sent myself an email to remind me to do this tomorrow as it is getting late but yes, thank you for sharing it!


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