Monday, 20 March 2017

Steaming Mad

How do you clean your microwave oven? Mine is cleaned on a fairly regular basis, when my culinary creations become creMations. Bob says there is a particular distressed sound I make when I open the door to find the custard/beans/milk/porridge has boiled over! Mind you, he managed to explode an egg in there in January. 
After rinsing the plate and wiping off the displaced food, I usually boil a pyrex jug of water so that the steam lifts off the grime. I add a little acid in the form of a squeeze of lemon, splash of vinegar, or some citrus halves. Quick easy, and fairly inexpensive.
But here's my Pointless Gadget of the Month - an Angry Mama, aka Steaming Stella [apologies to all Mamas and Stellas out there- I did not choose the name]

You fill her with water and vinegar, and she will steam clean your microwave oven.
Prices vary from £2 to £10. You can choose other colours, but they are all female. 
This gadget is just so wrong from so many points of view!


  1. I like your jug tip. Yes, this is a ridiculous invention and v sexist!

  2. Makes this mama angry ~ what a terrible waste of money, materials etc.

  3. I saw that advertised recently and was not happy. Not going to buy one!

  4. Stella is kind of funny, though!
    I do put vinegar in a cup and cook it a minute or two. It does allow for easy wiping.
    My egg jumped right out of the crockery mug (beaker­čśé) I cooked it in the other day!


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