Friday, 10 March 2017

Burning Issues

For the first time in my life, I am living in a home which has a heated towel rail in the bathroom. It's so lovely to step out of the shower and swathe myself in yards of warm fluffy bathsheet. Ours is quite a simple one, just two uprights and two cross pieces. Others are much more elaborate.
My friend, in her nineties, has one like this. In her little ensuite, it is positioned between the loo and the door [the only available section of wall space]
She usually sits on the loo seat to dry herself off after her shower. 
Her daughter was concerned- the towel rail can get surprisingly hot sometimes, and she was worried her Mum might burn herself - or maybe grab it for support, then jump back in surprise at the heat, and fall.

Solution, make 'sleeves' for the rails, using towelling and velcro. My friend gave me a suitable towel, and after some careful measuring and geometrical calculations, I cut out the pieces [the remnant left was barely big enough to make a facecloth! I was careful to use the existing hems where I could, and finished other raw edges with zigzag stitch. 
 And now it is in place, I hope it will make the bathroom a safer place for this bright and sprightly old lady, who is always such a bright and cheerful member of our congregation at church.
It was suggested I should patent this idea! Not doing that - but I am sharing this idea, in case it is of use to anyone else!
The side sleeves each have 3 strips of velcro - 5cm at top and bottom, and a 20cm strip between the two panels of rails. That's proved sufficient to keep things in place. There is still room to hang towels on the rails.


  1. A simple solution to a long standing issue, in this day of health and Safety gurus I am surprised that there are not dozens of firms selling something like this for exorbitant sums of money.

  2. Good idea, and it looks attractive too.

  3. What a fantastic idea Ang! All your best and most ingenious ideas come from caring and being generous!x


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