Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Put It On The Slate

That expression refers to a shopkeeper/barman etc noting the cost of something, but allowing the customer to pay later. Bob had a couple of bits of slate, and has been busy with his Dremel drill, making a couple of nameplates for our house. I think they look very professional. 
He also hung up one of my birthday presents - my print of the three girls on a Norfolk beach on Christmas Eve is now hanging up on the wall. Thanks, Bob
I had originally thought of putting it in the dining room, but my friend Jenny suggested it would look good in the hall. She's right, it looks super there. 
As Miss Jean Brodie used to say "My girls are the creme de la creme" 


  1. The slates are very professional! How did he do the lettering? Your girls are fab!

  2. Lovely picture of the girls!


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