Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Art Is Artis, The Artist

Have you encountered Edgar Artis, the Armenian fashion illustrator? In his early twenties, this guy is so gifted. He has one basic style- he draws a picture of a woman - then he creates her dress either  using a collage of everyday objests, or by cutting out the shape of the dress, and holding the paper up to the world around him, and letting the background 'create' the garment. Just look at this small selection of his work
 Cotton buds

Cinnamon sticks and star anise

Pencil sharpenings

Ketchup and chips!

Kiwi fruit

Spent matches
Citrus peel
Pomegranate seeds
Cut out - sky and clouds 

Cut out - flowers 

Cut out - more flowers and foliage

 Cut out - mosaic tiles 
Cut out - street scene with trees and cars

Aren't these incredibly clever? - find more here


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