Friday, 11 August 2017

Give Us A Twirl, Anthea

I hear that they're planning to bring back the Generation Game, this time hosted by Mel and Sue. The original series began in 1971, hosted by Bruce Forsyth. One of his many catchphrases was "Give us a Twirl, Anthea" directed at Ms Redfern, his young blonde assistant. 

He left his wife for this girl who was half his age, then ditched her and married a former Miss World a few years later. 
But that's not what this post is about. 
This is my useless gadget of the Month. 
It is a battery powered spaghetti twirler. 
Yes, for around £10 you can buy a gadget to twizzle your pasta for you... 
Why? A fork should suffice, with a spoon if you are really struggling. 
And can you imagine the mess if your spaghetti is coated with slightly runny tomato sauce? The dining table would look like part of a CSI crime scene. 
If you are too lazy to wash up, it boasts a "dishwasher safe metal prong end" [BTW the correct name for the prong of a fork is a tine] 
This is definitely one gadget I don't need for the Pastor's Pasta... But it might make an entertaining prop for Mel and Sue ["good game, good game" as BF would say] 


  1. A source of wonderment about 'inventions' like this is what was in people's heads throughout the whole process: someone had to identify a need to be filled; propose the idea; get agreement to develop a prototype; fine tune it; put it into production; market it; retail it. Surely somewhere along the line someone expressed some reservations as to whether it was a good idea? Or maybe they have sold like hot cakes and I haven't noticed.

  2. BF always gave me the creeps, there was something unsavoury about his sexist patronising ways with women.
    His unfunny jokes made me cringe.
    Why do good looking young women go for the older creep, I wonder. "Money" I hear my mother say!

  3. What a pointless waste of money!


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