Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Writing The Wrongs, With RATs*

Tattoos are definitely not my thing - apart from anything else, I could never sit still long enough, and pay for someone to inflict pain on my body with a drill. [apart from my dentist's appointments, which are really hard for me] Some of my family members have tattoos, and I am glad they have opted for thoughtful, tasteful designs. I find tattoos with racist/hate messages particularly distressing.
I have always counselled those who ask me their opinions on such things that a tattoo is for life, so be very careful in your choices. I have known people whose tattoo had a mistake in it, and others who have spent a lot of money having skin grafts, to remove youthful tattoos so they could apply for jobs later in life [such as an ex Army friend, who wanted to join the Metropolitan Police - it cost him thousands of pounds]

I thought this story was really heartwarming [the clip is 3 minutes long]

RATs = Random Acts of Tattooing

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