Saturday, 12 August 2017

Monday In Manchester

Our holiday began at midday on Sunday - following our final Kids Club event [the morning service] we drove straight from church, up the motorway to Manchester. We spent 36 hours staying with Steph. Sunday night we were pretty tired, and enjoyed a takeaway meal and watched the season finale of Poldark.
On Monday morning Steph went to work - and Bob and I caught a tram to Salford Quays. The tram system is excellent- efficient, quiet, and easy to navigate. Our destination was IWM North [Imperial War Museum] but we alighted from the tram on the other side of the water- at Media City.
That's the IWM in the first picture- the tripartite roofline is meant to indicate the three locations of war- sea, land and air [just as in the Dunkirk film]
Media City includes lots of BBC buildings. An avid Radio 4 listener, I am used to hearing 'Dock House' mentioned - and hoped I might see a celeb emerging...but no such luck.
We were both seriously underwhelmed by the Blue Peter Garden. It's previous location in London was much more interesting. Percy Thrower must be spinning in his grave!
Upsy Daisy has escaped from her garden - and Pudsey Bear is close by, just outside the building where the children's TV is produced.
I stood next to the measuring pole and discovered I am even shorter than Paloma Faith.
Across the water was the ITV building, and the new Coronation Street Studios. The colourful story bench is inside the shopping outlet.
Details of the IWM visit will have to wait- at this point my phone went flat, and I have yet to download Bob's pictures. Afterwards we crossed the Lowry Bridge [aka the Millennium Lift Bridge] and got the tram back into central Manchester, where we met up with Steph and jenny [she of the Amish Dolls] for lunch.
Our afternoon included more sightseeing - on foot this time.
The city is a great mix of new and old architecture, very vibrant and full of civic pride. People are clearly still upset about the attack at the Arena in May - many posters and fund-raising events in evidence.
I can see why Steph loves living in the city, and we were glad to be able to meet some of her friends, and see where she works. We are really proud of all she has achieved in the last 6 months.
I do hope I can get back again before too long- there are so many more places I want to explore!


  1. We've just moved up to this area too and have really enjoyed spending time in the city centre.
    I can highly recommend the Manchester Museum which is managed by the university - they had a great exhibition on scientific models when we went last month.

  2. We love visiting our daughters in Manchester too. I always have a stiff neck from looking up at all of the wonderful architecture! We seem to come across something new to us every time we visit; at Easter it was the statue of Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln Square.


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