Saturday, 26 August 2017

Getting Ready For School

I haven't done much preparation yet for my new job ["only 10 more sleeps", as the kids say] other than splash out a quid on a new pencil case. But I have been making some school pinafore dresses [that's 'jumpers' to PomPom and Vivien and other friends across the pond] I used the same ancient New Look Pattern which I used for the gingham summer dress back in June. But this time I used 'school suiting polyester' from Fabricland and instead of gathering the skirt, I put in some pleats back and front.
Once again I swapped the zip for a button and loop closure.
The three dresses cost less than £3 each. 
As my young friend has started playing with her American Girl doll again over the summer, I decided Isla needed a new outfit or two.
I made a pinafore from the scraps, and a white shirt to go underneath [both fastened at the back with Velcro] I also used some lightweight nylon with a bunny rabbit print to make a little dress, and bound the neck with a scrap of orange bias binding.
It took almost as long to make these three miniature garments as it did to make the pinafore dresses! The facings on the pinafore were really unwieldy - so for the shirt, I used nappy liners to face the necklines. More details on this technique here. I have certainly had my money's worth from that packet of liners [Mothercare, £2.40 bought in 2008]
I'm not going to rant about gender stereotyping here- except to say that I was in a shop last week which had 'jogging pants' for toddlers - and they were labelled 'boys' and 'girls'. The latter were pale pink or lilac fabric - the former in more practical deep blue or grey, and they had re-inforced knee patches. |'ve just spent a week with a brilliant little toddler - and she is a very messy child [that's genetic] and although she is confidently toddling around, she still spends a fair amount of time on her knees [that may be genetic too...] Just saying...
The machines will have to stay out on the dining table a little longer - Steph's asked me to make some gifts for friends. Bob continues to patiently eat his meals perched at the 'breakfast bar' in the kitchen!


  1. Reminds me of when my Mum used to make our pinafore dresses for school. My Nana knitted our 'jumpers'(sweaters)!Your a brilliant seamstress, Angela.Good weekend to you.

  2. I find it difficult to believe that in this day & age shops/manufacturers still insist on gender stereotypes -even for babies & children! The advert that really gets my goat atr the moment is for Follow On milk by someone....The girl baby apparently dreams of being a ballerina, while the boy baby dreams of being a mathematician. To be fair, there's a gender nheutral mountaineer, but still...! I sent them an email but I didn't get a reply.


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