Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Plain [And Purl] Folk

One of my all-time favourite films is Witness, starring Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis. It is set among an Amish Community. Sometimes known as 'the Plain Folk', these generous, hardworking Christians live a simple, pacifist lifestyle, shunning many of the modern technologies which we take for granted. We are discovering now that some of these 'benefits' are proving to be detrimental to the planet - so maybe they have a point.

Steph's friend Jen saw a picture on the internet of a pair of knitted Amish dolls and ask if I could I please knit them for a young member of her family?
The pattern is by Debi Birkin and came via Ravelry [and was relatively simple]
I have had enormous fun making 'Samuel and Sarah'
We know that Samuel is married because he has a beard.
Sarah is carrying a small Amish quilt.
Tradition says that Amish dolls should not have facial features, because the Amish children are taught that only God can make people. I also like the idea that the plain face means a child can use their imagination and decide what emotions the doll is feeling.
The pattern suggests sewing on a few contrast stitches to suggest buttons. I ignored that - Amish clothing would not have such 'proud' details. I liked the black travelling bonnet - which seemed huge when I was knitting it up - but it gathers neatly onto the brim, just like the real thing. I stuck to the traditional colours - blue shirt, purple dress, black apron.
The sleeves are part of the arms - and although the trousers, apron and hats are knitted separately, I have sewn them onto the dolls so they cannot be removed and get lost.

Simon and Sarah


  1. This is lovely. I like what you said about their lack of facial expressions- there is something lovely about that being left to the imagination of the child!

  2. Update-Jen now has the dolls and she loves them!

  3. Love that bonnet.Great work.I always get the stuffing wrong, either too much or too little.Yours looks perfect.


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