Monday, 7 August 2017

You Are Never Too Young... begin studying science.

At Birkbeck College, in their Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, they have set up a 'Babylab'

Their webpage says "At the Babylab we want to better understand how babies learn and develop, particularly during the first 2 years of life. 
We create fun studies that help us discover:
  •  how babies recognise faces
  •  how babies learn to pay attention to some things and not others
  •  how they learn to understand what other people do and think, and
  •  how their language and understanding of the world develo
We are also interested in understanding why and how some children develop conditions such as autism"
They need babies living in London to go and participate in research, to help the researchers find out more. I think this is a brilliant idea [that crocheted hat with electrodes looks a quite awesome on this little chap, don't you think?]
Liz decided this was a good opportunity to get Rosie involved - and I wholeheartedly concur. 
Rosie is now enrolled in the Babylab, and the proud possessor of one of their lovely teeshirts. I'll let you know when she wins a Nobel Prize for Physics!!
Rosie certainly enjoyed her recent visit to the Manchester Museum of Science and Technology anyway. 

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  1. Oh how wonderful for Rosie to be part of an important study like this!


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