Thursday, 24 August 2017

Dress Sense

Within 24 hours of getting home, I had turned the dining room into a sewing centre. I will post some pictures later - but I have been pondering on the strangeness of our language when it comes to clothing. One of the patterns I've been using is American.
When they say vest and pants they mean this [waistcoat and trousers]

but in England we mean this [underwear]
When they say jumper it's this [a pinafore dress]

For us Brits, it's a warm woolly top

And as for suspenders [braces]
Well...what can I say?
And this is just us and the Americans. Don't get me started on the Australians, and what they call their flip-flops...


  1. Us Canadians also call our flip flops that :)

    1. I understand that French Canadians sometimes call flipflops "gougounes" [goo-goons]...anything is better than 'thongs' imho

  2. So true! Reading American style blogs has made me more au fait with the lingo but I still get a little confused!


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